2016 General Election Unofficial Results

first_imgTotal Votes251661 Times Counted253724/52867148.0% Seaton, PaulREP540095.54% YES10516243.98% Ballot Measure No. 1 – 15PFVR Clinton, HillaryDEM9201336.56% Number of Precincts11 YES15701963.63% Chenault, Charles M.REP486691.45% Times Counted6663/1417647.0% Castle, Darrell L.CON30701.22% Total Votes239087 Total Write-in Votes69152.75% US SENATOR Stock, MargaretNA3440013.75% Number of Precincts442 Write-in Votes9320.38% Precincts Reporting43197.7% Total Craig, Breck A.NA20040.80% McDermott, Jim C.LIB2497810.08% Write-in Votes3243.31% Number of Precincts23 Lynch, Daniel L.NA3465.83% FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Unofficial election results for Alaska’s 2016 General Election, including the U.S. Presidential, Alaska’s U.S. Representatives, House Districts 29 – 31, Senate District P races, as well as Ballot Measures 1 and 2.97.74% of Alaskan precincts reporting as of 4:04 am Wednesday Trump, Donald J.REP12978651.57% US REPRESENTATIVE Number of Precincts442 Total Votes247774 Total Votes250250 Total Votes9785 Times Counted7083/1540746.0% Stein, JillGRE43941.75% Precincts Reporting6100.0% Knopp, Gary A.REP389665.66% Young, DonREP12458150.28% NO13392556.02% Souphanavong, BernieNA71032.87% Precincts Reporting43197.7% Times Counted253724/52816648.0% Gianoutsos, TedNA13770.55% De La Fuente, RoqueNA9590.38% Precincts Reporting9100.0% Write-in Votes190.32% Myers, J. R.CON3445.80% HOUSE DISTRICT 30center_img Number of Precincts9 Ballot Measure 1: An Act Allowing Qualified Individuals to Register to Vote When Applying for a Permanent Fund Dividend. Times Counted253724/52867148.0% Total Total Votes5934 Thornton, ShaunaDEM132922.40% Total Votes246755 Times Counted253724/52867148.0% Total Votes5652 Number of Precincts442 HOUSE DISTRICT 31 Precincts Reporting43297.7% Write-in Votes5370.21% Total Votes5321 Miller, JoeLIB7387629.52% NO8973636.37% Number of Precincts441 Total Precincts Reporting23100.0% Ballot Measure No. 2 – SJR2 Times Counted253724/52816648.0% HOUSE DISTRICT 29 Times Counted12418/2834443.8% Precincts Reporting43297.7% Total Write-in Votes2524.46% Total For the complete list of unofficial results from the Division of Elections click here. Metcalfe, RayDEM2783011.12% Johnson, GaryLIB145245.77% Lindbeck, SteveDEM9018036.40% Total Total Precincts Reporting11100.0% Murkowski, LisaREP11022644.05% US PRESIDENT Times Counted6137/1436942.7% Number of Precincts441 SENATE DISTRICT P Write-in Votes4558.55% Ballot Measure 2:  An Amendment for the State Constitution to Use Bonds for Postsecondary Student Loans Stevens, GaryREP946196.69% Precincts Reporting43297.7% Total Number of Precincts6last_img

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