This Country Needs Justice

first_imgThe legal consultant at the Liberia Law Society and former Minister of Public Works, Attorney Samuel Woods II, has said the country needs justice from the government, considering the recurring deaths of citizens under mysterious circumstances.Mr. Wood, serving as a guest speaker at the induction ceremony of officers elect of the Juah Sarwee Memorial Welfare Institute in New Kru Town, declared that “If the government cannot give Liberians justice, the country stands in the position of not having peace.” Woods reflected that besides rape and abuse, people, including children, die under mysterious circumstances. “We also have big people being killed and no one knows who is responsible, which is unfortunate for Liberia and the government in particular,” Mr. Woods said. The government must begin to make sure its citizens get justice in order to escape being recorded on the wrong side of history as Liberia continues to experience mysterious deaths of its citizens, said Atty. Woods.“You can build everything else, but if you cannot give us justice, security and cannot create a conducive environment for the young generation of Liberia, including their education, you will not have peace in Liberia. But the government continues to fail the young people of this country,” lamented Woods. The government continues to make a sad mistake in building skyscrapers in the midst of ghettoes, which remains a wrong decision for Liberia, yet it wants peace, Woods contended, adding that mountains and big buildings will be destroyed in one day. “The country should not remain silent, including the religious people and political parties, because when the house of a neighbor is on fire, you have to help to put out the fire. I feel terrible and bad when receiving information that children are being raped and their future is being destroyed by wicked people.” “I am very happy that many parents have decided to send their children to school, because young people can do better things for Liberia tomorrow. If you go to school, pay attention to the teacher and study your lessons and respect your parents and you can serve this country and provide the best results for us,” said Cllr. WoodsMr. Woods pledged 25 bags of cement to help in the construction of the school’s library and several computers. He also promised to donate all his books to the school’s library. He further offered two students one year scholarships from the 8th grade class.He advised students to respect their parents, adding that “We must give back to the community, but our government needs to create the necessary environment that would encourage young people to engage into such activities.”Mr. Woods stressed that if the government described education as a mess, it should put into place the right system to revamp or clean up the mess, stressing that the future of Liberia can only be better if the people are educated. Meanwhile, Mr. Woods has called on the Muslim Council not to withdraw from the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia as was announced.“We formed this group so that Muslims and Christians can come together and be talking about peace. With the current security situation, Liberia needs peace more than ever before; we need to start talking more. I want to appeal to them to come back and let us hold this peace,” he urged the Muslim Council.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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