Being overly patient can be a form of procrastination, Mr President

first_imgDear Editor,We, the reading public, are being told a lot as to why there have been non-interference in the affairs of the Municipality, especially in Georgetown, and more precisely when it comes to the parking meter issues. Among the words used by His Excellency, our President doesn’t want to micromanage, the City Hall is an autonomous body, and that they should be allowed to function unimpeded.First of all, it might be good for the analysis to examine the word micromanage so as to determine what really is micromanaging, I am definitely not an expert of the definition of words, but from my layman point of view, no one in this dear land of ours could honestly accuse His Excellency of ever micromanaging, matter of fact, if one should ask me, he takes too long before he gets involved in matters that eventually affects the masses in a negative way and by then, it might be too late to salvage the ship so to speak, he gives his team members time to sort things out, but more often than not he has to come and clean up the mess.Micromanaging, to my mind and from the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is to “manage especially with excessive control or attention to details” and “to direct or conduct the activities of a group or an enterprise by micromanaging them” our President does not fit in here in the least, instead he has allowed things to run its course by insisting that autonomous bodies must be allowed to do their work without interference.Since His Excellency is not any of the above, then what would stop him from treating with a sense of urgency matters of bread and butter, not just for the affluent, but also for the bottom of the line citizen who might find themselves ignored, neglected or even rejected by autonomous bodies such as the Municipality, and of course we do have the case in question “parking meters”, the city Administrators went ahead hastily and unilaterally signed a contract without any survey, consultations or trying to ventilate what would be the reaction of the citizens and the business community in this now very volatile matter, why take so long before intervening in such a crucial matter that is affecting lives of his subjects?I know patience is virtue and the His Excellency is saturated with patience, but being overly patient can be a form of procrastination, during which things can deteriorate to a point of no return.Sincerely,Ivan Johnlast_img

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