Fantasy Premier League draft tips: 12 dos and don’ts for your selection

first_img 12 12. Do remember you can sign players after the draft ends – If a top star makes a move to the Premier League, snap him up immediately. Whoever is fastest to the transaction will get the player, so always be prepared. 11. Do keep an eye on the latest transfers – You don’t want to pick a player who could be sold in the coming weeks to a club outside the Premier League; it could severely diminish your chances. 10. Don’t let injuries scare you away from top players – Eden Hazard is out for the start of the season, but will be back and will score points. Other players might leave him, but you should take him if you can. 2. Do pay attention to the Draft Ranking, it’s a collective conscious and will help you out – You will have an idea of the players you want to pick, but the Draft Ranking shows which players are being picked the most – and in what order – in other leagues, so it’s a good guideline if you’re struggling. 8. Don’t select too many players for the same team – With no limit on how many men you can pick from the same club, you might think you’re being clever by having five Chelsea players. But, if the Blues hit a bad patch, your whole team will suffer when it goes wrong. 12 12 12 12 4. Don’t talk about who you want out loud, your fellow drafters will swoop – The draft is really good fun, but watch your tongue. If you let slip you’re planning a move on Kyle Walker, a rival may scupper your plans. 12 12 12 3. If you’re not selecting early, the strikers will go – aim for a top goalscoring midfielder immediately – In a league with more than eight players, forwards are at a premium, so if you’re struggling to find a Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku – sign up a goalscoring midfielder like Dele Alli or Eden Hazard and beat your rivals to those stars. 9. Do make a watchlist if you’re in a big league – This becomes more important in the late rounds when you’re looking for a midfielder or striker who will get good points. Get a list of high-scoring stars for smaller clubs together. 12 6. Do use the message board if you aren’t with your mates – Can’t make it to an evening with friends? Chat about it in the hub, it’s the perfect place to play your Jose Mourinho-like mind games. 1. Don’t wait until the last second to pick your player – click the arrow above, right, to see more dos and don’ts for your Fantasy Premier League draft team – It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it’s not funny. Get on with it. Also, by picking quickly you can put pressure on the next selector and possible push them into a panic buy. 12 7. Don’t worry too much about your goalkeepers – Last season, the top 14 shot-stoppers had just 47 points between them; they won’t make or break your season. Focus your picks elsewhere. 5. Do meet up with friends to do the draft – Over in America, NFL fantasy drafts are huge events between mates. Do similar with the Premier League one, get the pizzas in, grab a beer, have a laugh. 12 This year, the Fantasy Premier League draft is set to take the world by storm.Taking the lead from America – where NFL fantasy football has the whole country talking – the draft could well be king this season.Each player gets 90 seconds to pick a player for their 15-man squad, but it’s a lot trickier than you might imagine.So, with that in mind, what are talkSPORT’s top tips ahead an FPL draft? Click the right arrow above to find out… 12last_img

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