CIOs: Changes in the World of Technology Cause CIOs to Lose Clout

first_imgCIO’s increasingly are owning less of the technology strategy for companies. Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) and CTOs are sharing responsibilities that traditionally belonged exclusively to CIOs. Cloud computing is also enabling many departments to access technology directly.  KPMG found in a survey that 84 percent of CIOs say that they do not fully own the digital strategy for the business.Lisa Heneghan, KPMG International global CIO advisory service network lead, said that “the role of the CIO is becoming more strategic – there is a need for CIOs to talk business strategy and provide a platform to enable this. The CIO’s future career opportunities are broadening out,” and Adam Woodhouse, director of CIO advisory at KPMG, said that “CIOs now need to influence more effectively, and build relationships with customers.”  But overall, technology changes are causing CIOs to simply have less influence.As the role of the CIO evolves, many think that CIO influence will continue to erode.  David Lithicum, Senior Vice President at Cloud Technology Partners, gave three reasons why CIOs are losing their clout: Cloud Computing. The rise of cloud computing comes at the expense of no-premise datacenters. Increased use of the cloud means fewer decisions and direct management from the CIO.Fewer Projects. Departments increasingly end-run the CIO and interact directly with cloud vendors.Reduced Budget. CIO budgets are shrinking as departments increasingly use their own budget dollars to implement cloud services.last_img

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