From Parveen Babi to Kabir Bedi, hotties who caught our eye

first_imgFrom hip-swinging Parveen Babi to the sexy Dimple Kapadia, gorgeous gals who caught our eye, and fancy. Shirtless Salman Khan, hirsute Kabir Bedi, flashy Feroz Khan. Men who turned our hearts to mush. PROTIMA BEDIFebruary 15, 1977Protima Bedi has an incredible knack of being in the news for no reason,From hip-swinging Parveen Babi to the sexy Dimple Kapadia, gorgeous gals who caught our eye, and fancy. Shirtless Salman Khan, hirsute Kabir Bedi, flashy Feroz Khan. Men who turned our hearts to mush. PROTIMA BEDIFebruary 15, 1977Protima Bedi has an incredible knack of being in the news for no reason and “over-exposure” appears to be her chief aim in life. When she shed her clothing and streaked across Juhu beach, onlookers merely smiled. The part-time model and ex-wife of Kabir Bedi, now engaged to I.S. Johar, has found a new passion, Odissi.SHARON PRABHAKARNovember 15, 1977″I’ve come to Delhi basically to create a stir,” purred Sharon Prabhakar, 25, one of Bombay’s more talented folk singers. With a style reminiscent of Joan Baez and a powerful voice, Prabhakar, like other Western pop singers in India, is still struggling to escape from the claustrophobic limbo of frustration and non-recognition that has always been their lot.ZEENAT AMANMarch 15, 1980Anything one Khan can do, the other can do better. Zeenat Aman, 29, busty star of several recent flops, has got over her divorce from Sanjay Khan, 39, jinxed star of other flops, with remarkable resilience. The new Khan in her life is Pakistani all-rounder Imran. The pair met during the Bombay Test at one of the many film parties thrown for the cricketers and it was love at first grope. Whether the couple has any future is unclear. Aman is too much in love with her career to give it up while Imran insists on staying in Pakistan where he has to support a mother and several sisters. And as for marriage, the lady is said to be unwilling to rush into anything after the last fiasco. Meanwhile, the lovers keep in touch over the phone and Aman has once again begun eating heavily, something she always does when she’s in love.advertisementREKHAJuly 15, 1986Recovering from heartbreak, yoga and seclusion, Rekha is all set and raring to play a glamourised, gun-toting Grande Dame of the Ravines- something of a Putlibai-Phoolan Devi combine which will have you on the edge of your seat. The film, directed by Mohan Sehgal and titled in the manner of all good dacoit films-Kasam Suhaag Ki-will have her hurling oaths like a trooper, spilling gore and swearing vengeance.MADHURI DIXITMarch 31, 1995When a film is called Mrityudand, the director is Prakash Jha and the thespians are Shabana Azmi and Om Puri, it’s decidedly uncool to call it an art film with a difference. But whoa, hold the snickers, this is truly like Maggi Ketchup. It is different. Otherwise what would Madhuri Dixit be doing in it? Maybe Bollywood’s Lady Boss is bored of running around trees. If so, playing an educated girl who marries into a feudal home, eventually inciting a revolt against the men, is guaranteed to be exciting. After all, she will be going take-to-take with the legendary Shabana. Says Madhuri: “Seeing these people perform teaches you a lot.”SRIDEVIMay 15, 1984Sridevi’s star is certainly in rapid ascendancy. Overnight the leggy teenager has turned into Bombay’s biggest sex symbol, the reigning queen of commercial cinema who made it right to the top-over the likes of Rekha and Shabana Azmi-by daring a little and baring a little. Said prominent film producer Romu Sippy, largely responsible for inducting her into the Bombay mainstream: “She is the leading film star today. The price people are paying her has never been paid to an actor before. She has the kind of appeal that will satisfy everybody.” In fact the one really genuine hit of 1984, say producers, is Tohfa. And little wonder-with sexy Sridevi balancing on a prostrate Jeetendra, the Tohfa hoardings were the most titillating ever seen.MAMATA KULKARNIMarch 15, 1993MGR isn’t the only one with the distinction of having a temple built in his memory. Perky actor Mamata Kulkarni, 19, has joined the celluloid pantheon. The people of Nellor have carried their infatuation for her a step beyond cinema halls by building a temple to her name. And the young lady has just three Telugu releases behind her. Her latest film Prem Shikram has broken all box-office records and created a brand new idol for all the hero-worshipping movie-goers of Andhra Pradesh.DIMPLE KAPADIADecember 31, 1982At sweet 16, she bombed the audiences with her innocent looks, bikini-clad body and big brown eyes. It’s been seven years since Dimple Kapadia left her one-film (Bobby) success behind, married Rajesh Khanna, and parted company with him. A tender 23, she has been signed up by Ramesh Sippy for his forthcoming venture along with Rishi Kapoor.MANDAKINIFebruary 28, 1987After being draped in thin saris and pushed under several waterfalls, Mandakini has at last got the chance to show the real stuff she is made of. The sullenly silent siren-who clamped a ban on the press for the constant dressing down it gave her is now making waves of another kind. She has sung her heart out in a freshly released album called Dancing City composed by-who else?-Bappi Lahiri, the music director who has taken it as his special mission in life to squeeze music out of the stars. “I belong to the world of music,” said Lahiri and going by the reports, it seems Mandakini does too. It should give Raj Kapoor’s hazeleyed heroine the chance to show she can perform-even when she’s not under a waterfall.advertisementSHARMILA TAGOREJune 30, 1979As if being a part-time begum between shooting schedules wasn’t enough, Sharmila Tagore has decided on a change of style. The Tigress of Bengal’s new vocation is being a newshound or is it “newshen” in the new sexist turn of phrase? Keeping step with cricket-star husband, the Nawab of Pataudi who edits a sports magazine, Tagore has joined forces with Nina Arora, an ex-writer of Film World, to let off some editorial steam.PARVEEN BABIOctober 15, 1976″Sweetheart, I didn’t try for the Time cover, these things just happen to me,” purred Parveen Babi. Her adventures with Danny and Kabir Bedi have netted her publicity but little screen success. At the moment, she is undergoing some kind of metamorphosis. “Tradition is truth,” she pronounced, “To rebel is immature. We have such a good deal in India while things are going wrong all over the West.”PERSIS KHAMBATTANovember 30, 1985Whatever happened to the bavi next door who took the first flight to LA and landed a Star Trek and a strange shave? Well, Persis Khambatta is back with a new haircut and assignment. “I was missing home,” says the aspiring Hindi actor who dashed into the thick of Shingora, a video film starring Marc Zuber. “This time I am definitely going to find a place in Hindi films,” gushes Khambatta. Is she here on a man hunt? “I know I am going to get a wonderful man-I have always got what I wanted,” she answers.KIMI KATKARMarch 31, 1990It was love on both sides of the camera for two shortlyto-be-married celebrities: Kimi Katkar and photographer Shantanu Sheorey. Unlike the rest, Kimi intends to quit her film career, but says she, “I’ll miss this life.” Already sounds like come-back noises.KALPANA IYEROctober 31, 1977Hitting the big time in Bombay’s fashion whirl is Kalpana Iyer. “I’m terribly talented,” declared the 20-year-old model, who is a curious blend of amazing frankness and excessive self-indulgence. Iyer, whose many virtues certainly do not include modesty, could well be following in the footsteps of Mohammad Ali as far as the gift of the gab goes. “I’ve made it really big in only a year,” she said. Possible rivals she waves aside with a shrug of her shapely shoulders. She is now undecided whether to represent India in the Miss World contest or “to go dancing all over the Fiji Islands”. “People say I always steal the show.” Don’t get caught, baby.advertisementMOON MOON SENOctober 15, 1981At a quick glance, she could well be mistaken for her famous younger days. But, 26-year-old Moon Moon Sen does not just resemble her mother but is following her footsteps. A former model, Moon Moon is embarking on her maiden celluloid venture in Bhaskar Chowdhury’s film Robi Shome. Said the petite Moon Moon, married to the grandson of Maharani of Cooch Behar: “Mummy never wanted me to join films; even I wasn’t too keen. I am just helping out Bhaskar, whose heroine let him down.” Asked whether she would take on any more movies, Moon Moon spouted the predictable: “It’s too early to say anything. I have two babies to look after.”KABIR BEDIFebruary 29, 1988Kabir Bedi’s coming home-again. With success on the Indian screen eluding him, the star of Sandokan had settled for Hollywood about a decade ago. There, he starred in some films and teleserials- like Magnum P.I. and Murder She Wrote. Now he’s acting in a Hindi film, Khoon Bhari Maang, in which he woos his wife-played by Rekha-in public, but beats her in private. “I wanted someone who looked good and was willing to play the negative role of a brutal husband,” said director Rakesh Roshan. As Bedi said, “Not all roles you do can be chocolate sweet.”IMRAN KHANOctober 31, 1983Imran Khan, the dashing Pakistani cricketer, proved more than ever that he reigns supreme. Cried an ardent fan before the super star of the pitch decided against coming for the Indo-Pak Test series: “Cricket without Imran is a big bore.” Last fortnight Bombay’s cricket fans were squealing with delight when Khan descended on the city for the Abid Ali Benefit Match. Despite the presence of film stars, it was clearly “Imran, Imran” all the way.RAJESH KHANNAOctober 31, 1984Over the last decade, income tax raiders have refused to let the waning star alone. They thunder into Rajesh Khanna’s house, overturn his mattress, peep into the attic and claim to recover lakhs of rupees. Except, says the harassed hero, only a few thousand of those rupees are his. “Every time the income tax authorities recruit a new crop of trainees, they send them to my house for training,” he growled.SHASHI KAPOORMay 31, 1986 He was never known for his acting ability. If anything, he was known for his crooked teeth, carefree gait and unruly mop of hair. But eventually the Kapoor genes come up trumps. Last fortnight, Shashi Kapoor walked away with the best actor’s national award for his performance in New Delhi Times-the first major acting award the star has won in his protracted career. Not surprisingly, the actor was the most taken aback.SALMAN KHANMarch 23, 1998You thought Bollywood heroines were under-dressed? Take a look at the guys. Well, Salman Khan in particular-the fellow can’t keep his shirt on. At the Filmfare Awards this January, he tossed off that garment on stage. In the yetto-be- released Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya, he prances through a five-minute dance sequence in all his bare-chested glory. And if that isn’t enough toplessness for a season, in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, he’s done it again. Point taken, dude. Nice muscles! So why is he getting so upset about the attention? “You want to write that I take off my shirt at the drop of a hat,” he fumes, dropping his cool, “I don’t want to talk to you.” A shy exhibitionist. That’s a first.DHARMENDRAJuly 15, 1980All the world loves a lover-even if he is already married-till he gets married again. When the prolific Romeo of Hindi films, Dharmendra, 45, and his Dream Girl, Hema Malini, 30, recently decided to give their seven-year-old off-screen romance a happy finish, all they got were brickbats, recriminations and derisive laughter. “It is an excess against women,” ranted feminists in Parliament, taking up cudgels on behalf of Dharmendra’s first wife, Prakash, and demanding that action be taken against the bigamist for breaking the Hindu Code Act. According to the law, however, only the injured party can take the case to court.FEROZ KHANNovember 15, 1991Most of them think that slips are something you pick up in the lingerie department at Harrods and that maiden overs are something to do with lost virginity. But Sharjah wouldn’t be Sharjah without them. For the motley mixture of ageing film stars, nubile nymphets,and politicians, Sharjah is an important stopover. There was Feroz Khan with Sabrina, almost half his age, whom he describes as “more than a wife. She is my sweetheart”.KAMAL HASSANMay 31, 1988The don’s being wooed by all the warring factions. Filmstar Kamal Hassan’s impassioned portrayal of an underworld chief in Nayakan won him the national award for best actor. Felicitating him-and other awardees-at a function in Madras on May 9, were Tamil Nadu’s top politicians: the DMK’s Karunanidhi, AIADMK’s Janaki MGR, Congress(I)’s Kumari Anandan and Sivaji Ganesan. “I’m using cinema-glitter for social purposes,” says Hassan.RISHI KAPOORJanuary 15, 1977Rishi Kapoor, the Indian screen’s latest Majnu, though hardly vocal, was approachable despite rumours that he was refusing any interviews. “A certain magazine,” said Rishi very righteously, “printed a very dirty article on my father’s film, captioning it Satyam Shivam Boredom.” “And this talk about my having made it because I’m Raj Kapoor’s son. Why haven’t Premnath’s son and Kishore Kumar’s sons made it?” he asked.SANJAY DUTTSeptember 30, 1987It was an unexpected setback-and an unexpected bonus. Sanjay Dutt, hospitalised for a sudden “lung collapse” in New York last month, had a lady-in-waiting ready to nurse him to health-and happiness, forever after. After courting Richa Sharma for a year and a half, he finally decided to tie the knot.JACKIE SHROFFApril 15, 1987No wonder it’s called the seven-year itch. The seven-year romance between film star Jackie Shroff and model-cum-one-film-actor Ayesha Dutt is finally headed for matrimony. Shroff has admitted that the wedding would take place on June 5, Ayesha’s birthday-though that was not the only reason. Says Jackie, “My father has decided on the date and he is an astrologer.” It’s all in the stars, it seems.RAVI SHASTRIJanuary 31, 1985In the Bombay-Baroda Ranji Trophy match, the 22-yearold all-rounder Ravi Shastri gave such a smashing performance that the world forgot, for a while, to tut-tut over the recent Sunil Gavaskar-Kapil Dev ego clashes. One after another came Shastri’s sixes, six sixes in one over, making the kind of history cricket fans dream of.AMITABH BACHCHANJanuary 31, 1983Superstar Amitabh Bachchan certainly appeared to be the man of the moment. Raucous shouts of “Amitabh Bachchan zindabad” rent the air, as Bachchan, dressed in a railway porter’s uniform, which he had worn at the time of the accident last July, stepped onto the sets of Coolie. Every movement of the superstar was recorded for posterity, and perhaps if he enters politics, for the voting public.RAJIV GANDHIMay 31, 1987What extends Rajiv Gandhi’s range and keeps him roving? His sparklingly new silver grey Range Rover Vogue-gifted by the King of Jordan, in the exhaust wake of the Mercedes 500 SEL he gave the year before. But the new vogue took the prime minister on a bumpy ride, as questions are being asked about his Brezhnev-like fad.NASEERUDDIN SHAHSeptember 15, 1979Naseeruddin Shah has as many films and plays on hand as he has fingers. He is impressing Bombay’s theatre-goers with his performance in desi versions of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Edward Albee’s Zoo Story. For “personal satisfaction”, he prefers the stage to movies.last_img

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