The complete history of coffee in one infographic

first_img Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore brownface and a turban during an ‘Arabian Nights’ themed party in 2001 Meet Ron Fisher, the SoftBank executive who awarded WeWork a $47 billion valuation months before it delayed its $10 billion IPO Since right after World War II, the president’s national security adviser has an unparalleled ability to influence events worldwide AN ESTIMATED 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed globally each day, or just over 2 million cups every five minutes.Maybe you’re even drinking some right now — 68 per cent of coffee drinkers have a cup within the first hour of waking up.London-based company Datadial developed an interesting infographic created by designers Wildcard that breaks down the history of coffee, different preparation methods, and types of coffee beans.Check it out below (or click here for a real high-res version).(Infographic: Peru’s coca growers being encouraged to switch to… coffee plants>Heavy coffee drinkers beware: new study shows it could shorten your life>So, what’s actually inside a cup of coffee?> A major whistleblower complaint at the US’s top spy agency involves a Trump phone call with a ‘promise’ to a foreign leader last_img

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