Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have made a Google movie

first_imgWell-known actors Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson know how to make a good so-called “buddy movie.” But it’s been nearly 8 years since they did their last one together: Wedding Crashers. Not to worry, a new one is set to be released this summer, with the only surprising thing being where the story is actually set and therefore its potentially appeal to geeks.The new movie is called The Internship, and it’s set in Google’s Mountain View headquarters. In fact, the entire movie looks to be about working at Google and the comedy that allows two middle-aged men with little to know technical know-how.The tagline of the movie is “hiring them was a brilliant mistake.” The story revolves around Vaughn and Wilson playing salesmen whose company gets shutdown and they apply to be interns at Google. Surprisingly, they get accepted, even though everyone else is half their age and seemingly a lot more intelligent.For their part, Google is fully supporting the movie beyond just allowing access to Mountain View. For example, the video below is of a Google Hangout conducted with the actors and presented by Conan O’Brien.This is probably about as far away from The Social Network as a movie experience you can get, and your enjoyment will ultimately come down to how funny you find Vaughn and Wilson. Geeks choosing to watch this may cringe more than laugh depending on how the other interns and tech community in general have been portrayed.The Internship is set for release on June 7 in US theaters, and will roll out to most other territories over the course of July and August.last_img

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