Youth and culture

first_imgThe annual series of Lecture-performance on classical dance and music form by India International Rural Cultural Centre that started on 22  April came to an end on 8 May. Every year hundreds of lecture-performance cum workshops on Indian classical dances and music are organised in rural and tribal schools/colleges all over the country for the purpose of exposing young generation of the country to cultural diversity and to strengthen cultural values in education. The Lecture performances are delivered by National level, Doordarshan graded artistes  those who have devoted their passion for the cultural diversity.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting”Such programme helps the students grow with better wisdom, discipline and human behavior which they learn by interacting with the performing artists who present the programme in their school.  Indian classical music and dance is the right component and tools for inspiring the youth to strengthen their capacity and get wedded to the sentiment of love, peace and respect for each other’, said PL Verma, Member Secretary. Different beliefs, different traditions and customs, different religions are practiced in this country of cultural diversity. Future of India is shaped always by the largest segment of Indian society the youth. The young generation who is equally proud of their country’s heritage need to be exposed to cultural diversity and traditions of India. Every year more than 300 lecture-performance on Indian classical dances and music are organised in rural and tribal schools/colleges all over the country with the aim to inculcate in the young minds, importance of human values that are associated with Indian classical dance and music.The program also spreads the message of cultural integration among youth of different regions of the country. They are encouraged to understand the hoary tradition of Indian Arts which imbibe a national consciousness. The program is presented by senior performing artists. Millions of rural youth have participated in such program and interacted with artistes face to face.last_img

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