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first_imgAishwarya Biswas is a well recognised face today, in the beauty and fashion industry. She wears a humble feather in her cap as the winner of ‘Lakmé Sananda Tilottama’ in 2001; which gave her a platform to perform as an individual, give back to the society and also inspire other women to empower themselves and those around them.Biswas went on to complete her graduation from New York University, with no less than a double major. She is also a trained Image Consultant from the iconic Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Having lived in five countries and having worked at senior management levels for over a decade for top corporate houses, Aishwarya developed a passion for wellness essentials and pamper packages. After working in the monotonous corporate sector, she decided to do something of her own, which resulted in the conception and creation of her brand AULI Lifestyle. It was conceived in June, 2017; where she brought her formidable corporate and world experience to her unique line of branded organic products. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfPost conception, and an establishment as an entrepreneur, Biswas traveled to the ‘Select USA’ Summit in Washington DC and has been a part of an all women entrepreneur delegation to the United States in 2018, with the Indo-American Chamber Of Commerce, which she attended with the senators, ambassadors, CEOs and the likes. Aishwarya has received many awards and accolades for achieving such tremendous momentum for her entrepreneurial work. In a short span of a year, AULI Lifestyle has been taken to 20 countries, with 4 distribution units which have already been set up in 4 metropolitan cities so far. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveBiswas, after all the travelling and world experience; has her roots firmly planted in Kolkata, and so she recently set up big operations in Western India, apart from exporting internationally. She has plans to change the world, and its look out when it comes to organic skin care. She wants AULI Lifestyle it be a household name; which is empowering to those who are attached to it. She wants to make sure, that people know that it’s never too late to change your life and make it just want you intended it to be. “This is only the beginning, we are nowhere close to where I see AULI Lifestyle; and we will continue to work tirelessly towards that goal”, she says. Her passion for wellness essentials, pamper packages and in fact, every single product is an echo of not just her heart and soul, but also her expertise and experience. Auli Lifestyle also owns a honey farm in the marshlands of the Sundarbans and it incorporates honey, beeswax and other top class ingredients from across the country into its products. AULI is not just organic in name, the team members actually travel and conducts extensive research to make luxurious handmade products which are then amalgamated with unadulterated honey and beeswax collected from the honey farm. The brand believes that, if you cannot consume the ingredients that go on your face, they should not be used. Auli Lifestyle, as a brand believes that beauty is absolutely internal. The skin care range works on enhancing the natural ‘given’ quality of an individual’s skin; rather than promoting superficial beauty standards. The products focus on healing and preventing skin problems, rather than just curing them. The results may not be seen immediately, but change is guaranteed and it will only get better. AULI is now a trending Bath and Beauty brand from Kolkata, but with a Global footprint.last_img

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