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first_imgJanuary is full of predictions, here are the travel top 10 from Mr & Mrs Smith who display a selection of handpicked properties that exude luxury and romance as well as boutique hideaways around the world.Authenticity in Modern Cities Made for Man Hotels Next time you want to order your room service or book in a spa treatment, you may need to pick up a phone for a different reason – to complete the order on an app. No longer will you have to wait for a family of five to check in just so that you can ask for a newspaper to be brought up nor will you be lost in a foreign city as said app will have a listing of all the tourist attractions and more. Coming soon – booking accommodation as you watch your favourite travel show, via the television. Family resorts that are more than a place where kids can be dropped off, are on the rise. Boutique and luxury hotels are now opening up their doors to more than just the matching jacket wearing couples as these places integrate family friendly activities into their culture, allowing for families to spend some quality time together. Mr & Mrs Smith hope to make this prediction come true with the launch of their Smith & Family website. Family Fun Tech Smart Hotels In the age of Facebook where a trip won’t be complete unless the photo album gets at least 20 likes, Mr & Mrs Smith are suggesting that more hotels will be developed with peculiar designs and in historic buildings, so as to no doubt enhance the photo quality for their guests. From Angkor Wat inspired lodgings to hotels converted from palaces, make sure that your next accommodation has a story to tell! Home Comforts at Foreign Hotels Designer hotels are on the rise in 2013. Image: The NoMad Hotel With every other person now referring to themselves as a ‘foodie’ it’s no surprise that hotels are picking up on the trend and investing more in the restaurants that they house. Guests can now choose to have an organic breakfast at their hotel buffet, go on a tea-plantation excursion in the hotel’s backyard and have imported coffee in the lobby. Choosing accommodation based on the quality of lettuce in their club sandwich may soon overtake the importance of a thread count in the pillows as more people blog about their eating experiences. Designer Accommodation 2013 Hot Spots:center_img Culture and Relaxation: Burma, Bangkok and VietnamNature: Costa RicaSport: Rio de Janeiro and Marselles-ProvenceStop-Over Convenience: DubaiFor Curiosities Sake: Istanbul Pampering is no longer a women’s only activity as hotels develop their spa and recreation services for the untapped market of … men. Designer shaves and punching bags in suites are becoming selling points and the needs of a man are being rediscovered and quickly catered for. Sports themed rooms and more outdoor activities are also being introduced into hotels, which may after all not be too bad of a development. Rooftop Entertainment To gain an ‘authentic’ experience, travellers will no longer only be flocking to South East Asia, but instead will rediscover the villages within modern metropolises such as Brooklyn in New York and Mitte in Berlin. Travellers will find a different side to well worn streets as they stay in properties that hold community events and even get in touch with locals who can show them around town. With more hotels catering to Chinese travellers, the size of this market is said to explode. From Mandarin-speaking staff and noodle breakfasts to teas on demand and Chinese signage, travel is becoming easier and more comfortable for our near neighbours. Australia will also surely see a surge in Chinese travellers as Tourism Australia intensify their campaign in China. China Begins to Travel As skyscrapers get taller, so do the hotels. Mr & Mrs Smith are looking up as they predict that rooftops will become the next big trend with hotels developing their otherwise unused space. From beehives to bars and pools, rooftops are sure to bring entertainment to a new high. The importance of home comforts will be more important than ever as travellers seek out properties with Wi-Fi and even breakfast-to-go. Innovative hotels are already pushing the boundaries to entice more guests with deals such as free nights if the room is still empty after the proposed check-out. Foodie Invasion Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.Nlast_img

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